FAQs About the Private Theatre Hire

Host a hire cinema London at and invite your friends and family to watch a movie on the big screen. It’s perfect for a birthday, special event, corporate occasion, or a day-to-day trip.

The Innovation Makes It Easy to Schedule Online

  • Select a theatre, future day, as well as showtime
  • Pick a movie from our collection
  • Include a celebration load to minimise snacks for big groups

Once you complete your acquisition, your exclusive theatre rental is booked!

What to Anticipate When You Get into Cinema?

Cinemas will check your team ticket once your full event gets here. The amphitheatre will be extensively cleaned, as well as prepared for you 15-minute before showtime. If you prepare for a late guest advent, please ask a supervisor for assistance.

Grab your event pack or any other beverages and food you pre-ordered at the snack bar. Cinemas do not allow outdoors designs or foods. For more information, see our FAQs.

Reward Yourself with a Theatre Rental

Earn factors toward your following incentive when you reserve an exclusive theatre rental. And also, A-List and Best participants can use their incentives to reserve a personal theatre rental.

Save on Team Snacks with Event Packs

Select from the event packs menu, starting at just £29.99 + tax obligation, including classic giving in combos, Kids pack combinations, bites as well as fries. Order online when you schedule your private theatre rental.

When can I Access the Auditorium for My Private Theatre Rental?

You are going to get in the theatre 15 minutes before your start time of the movie.

Suppose I Require to Terminate or Again Schedule My Theatre Rents?

You can cancel your theatre rentals before the event by picking “Request a Reimbursement” from the receipt mail. It’s not feasible to reschedule your Personal Theatre Rental; however, after you ask for a reimbursement, you can schedule a new Private Theatre Rental.

Will Trailers Be Played Before the Film?

Yes. Please enable approximately 20 additional minutes for pre-show, as well as trailers prior to the show starts.

Will I Make Stubs Points on My Private Theatre Rentals purchase?

Yes! stubs participants will gain points for the purchase of their exclusive theatre rental.

Is It Feasible to Display a Welcome Slide or Video for My Visitors?

Custom-made content is not feasible right now.

Can I generate outdoors Food and Drinks?

No, outdoors food, as well as beverages, are not allowed. Private theatres go beyond timeless concessions like popcorn as well as water fountain drinks to offer you an absolutely tasty experience. They’re always innovating, always discovering new means to bring the best food, as well as drinks to the theatres.

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