How To Create A Word Document From A PDF Without Software

The PDF format cannot be edited at all. Hence, the information is still there. While editing the material, look in Word. How? What if you must find the proper program quickly since you’re in a rush? By following the instructions, learn without any software how to convert PDF to Word online.

With a few clicks in your preferred browser, you may complete this. Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed, making the procedure quick and simple.

How to convert PDF to Word online?

  • Upload documents using one of the methods described below.
  • Automatic conversion initiation will occur. Note: The PDF file is automatically changed to the DOC format.
  • Save the generated Word document to your computer or send it immediately to a friend using a created QR code.

Immediately following file download, the program uses no software to convert PDF files into Word documents. This will help you save time and effort.

When the conversion is finished, a new page with the word “Done” will appear. To save the PDF file in Word format, click the “Upload File” option.

How To Upload Files To An Online Converter For PDF To Word

You may add files by dragging or clicking the “+Add Files” button.

Instead, upload a PDF as a text file from cloud storage. To finish, select the corresponding icon. You may use Dropbox and Google Drive.

To these cloud storage sites, created Microsoft Word files can be recovered.

Free PDF to Word converter online

You just discovered a quick, manual method for converting PDF files to Word files on the move. You may access the website using any browser and device. After that, quickly convert files.

The absence of additional configuration requirements is a benefit. In other words, you don’t have to spend extra time turning PDF into Word.

If you use macOS at home, Windows at work, or your iPhone daily, our converter can be utilized on all of these platforms and devices, which is another benefit. Few applications or programs are required for download. To do the task quickly, all you have to do is access the WPS convert PDF to Word online website.

Also, you will always have access to the most recent version of the service when you visit the website. A lengthy upgrade cycle is not necessary, as with software.

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