Interesting Facts About Casinos and Gambling

The world of casinos, excitement, and gambling are not as simple as it may seem at first glance, the whole gaming industry behind a beautiful picture conceals a lot of characters, marketing tricks, and just interesting facts. If you are a casino fan, then this article will be interesting to you. 

Well, let’s start with the top most interesting facts about the casino.

Why Chips Instead of Money? 

According to the casino version, it’s easier to control bets, but in fact, it’s easier for a person to part with a faceless piece of plastic with a digit than with a banknote from a wallet – it’s all about psychology. Thus, casino marketers deceive the nervous system of players and can make a big profit.

The Mystery of the Slot Machine

The biggest casino winnings are brought by “slot machines”, or “one-armed bandits” with a minimum bet. This is explained by the fact that playing on such machines is very inexpensive, which bribes the player to spend a lot of attempts to win, imperceptibly pulling decent amounts out of him. In some Las Vegas casinos, they make up 70% of the income from all slot machines.

The Illusion of Control 

Casinos manipulate the illusion of control, everyone likes to be the master of the situation, so the rules of some games, such as blackjack or dice, are based on the player’s “decision” and action, but, statistically, the casino always wins.

If the casino was unprofitable to operate, then there would not be such several casinos. Players who come to the casino with a well-thought-out strategy, quickly leave there at the request of security. Special casino security sits in the halls and looks out for people who play a win-win strategy.

The Sandwich Was Invented in a Casino

The legend goes as follows: in 1765, John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, was such a huge gambler that he did not want to leave the gaming table to eat. Instead, Montague told his servants to just bring him some meat between the sliced bread so he could eat and play at the same time. Thus, the “sandwich” was born.

Montague didn’t invent the sandwich—after all, it’s meat between bread; people have probably eaten such a dish for centuries— but he gave it a name and a cool story,

Las Vegas Is Not the Biggest City With a Casino

And finally. The biggest city with a casino is not Las Vegas, but Chinese Macau – the only one in China where gambling is allowed. In 2012, the revenue of the casino there overtook the American one by 5 time. And the lion’s share of the money is earned there not from petty slot machines, but from VIP rooms and large players.


Thus, behind the good and attractive signs of the casino, there is always an insidious businessman. Who secretly manipulates your weaknesses with one single goal – to take your money in the most unscrupulous way, and do it the way you would like yourself – through the desire to become richer?

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