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Locksmith Tips and Tricks

The world of locksmithing is a vast one, and it takes a great deal of expertise to provide quality and comprehensive service. Every day, somewhere in Las Vegas, someone is calling for a 24-hour locksmith to solve their problem with a key, whether it’s a car, home or office key.

And you may be wondering, do locksmiths hoard all this valuable knowledge? Well, no, for example, today we will give you a couple of tips and tricks that can help you avoid hiring the service as long as it’s just a small thing like a light rust. Ready? Let’s get started! 

Constant cleaning

Believe it or not, keeping the lock area clean can go a long way in helping you avoid a locksmith maintenance visit. A lot of the stuff we get our hands on can get caught in the lock and make a layer of grease or grime that prevents it from working properly smihub

So one way to use this tip, is to fill a small rag with some soapy solution that doesn’t have overly harsh chemicals and wipe the knob and the surrounding area to prevent the buildup of debris. 

Use a good lubricating product

Believe it or not, you have to give your locks a little extra maintenance from time to time. Being a heavy material like metal, it is very likely to rust quickly and especially in cold seasons. So you can look for a special lubricant, insert the spike into the lock, and then use a special lubricant. 

Do not use fatty substances that you do not know

Here’s a very wise tip: Not just any type of grease is a lock lubricant. Make sure the one you are using is recommended by a professional or preferably contact a locksmith who can guide you on the subject, as you could damage your lock and create sediment if you use the wrong one. 

In some hardware stores they can also guide you, do not hesitate to ask, the best thing is to avoid a problem and comply with the maintenance to the letter without risking your lock, your safety, and above all your pocket, because if it is damaged you will probably have to pay to solve the problem. 

Use the keys with delicacy

Try as much as possible not to force your keys too much, no matter the occasion, no matter if you are tired or in a hurry to enter your house, using the keys delicately avoids damaging the lock in any way and you will have to pay to get a new copy because you totally bent your key. 

Most iron or metal locks tend to expand if you frequently use the key incorrectly, so we recommend that if you are one of these people, change this method as soon as possible for a more gentle and patient one. 

That’s it! Did you like the tips from our locksmiths? We hope you found them useful and if you are interested in this type of article, you can visit our main page where we have a great variety of articles and recommendations of quality locksmiths in the city.

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