Prior to Computer Recycling, How Do You Erase the Hard Drive?

A computer is never as easy to get rid of as putting it in the trash. There are several rules governing how it must be done at the local, state, federal, and even international levels. Wiping Windows computers is a fairly straightforward process, but there are a few things you should take care of first before you start squeegeeing the hard drive.

It’s crucial to completely erase or wipe data from your computer’s hard drive if you intend to discard it or otherwise get rid of it. This indicates that erasing all personal or commercial information that can get disclosed will hurt you both personally and financially. The concern now is whether data is permanently deleted by simple deletion or drive formatting. The answer is NO since data recovery software can be used to restore deleted or formatted files from a computer’s hard drive. funnyjok

Why Don’t Data Disappear After Simple Deletion?

When you delete any file from a computer, including a document, image, video, etc., the actual data is still present on the hard drive; just the pointer to the file is removed.

Similarly, even when you format a computer hard drive, data is not completely removed. Only the references to the data are removed when the computer’s hard drive is formatted. This indicates that the files are still present on the drive but are no longer visible to the computer.

A data recovery software can be used to access your deleted files by anyone with harmful intents if the files are not totally removed from the hard drive before recycling.

How to remove data from a computer before recycling it?

Any crucial data should be saved on a backup drive before you wipe anything. However, you can always port data over to your new computer as well. External hard discs, USB jump drives, and even cloud storage are all functional options. It only takes a lot of cutting and pasting or swiping things into folders on most modern computers, which is a blessing.

The manual deletion of files from the system is the first step in this procedure. Overwriting the files using data erasure software like BitRaser can clean up the drive. To make files more difficult to recover, it is advised that they be overwritten numerous times and then shredded. The machine has multiple drives, and since data might be found on each drive, each drive needs to be formatted differently.

How to completely erase a Windows computer?

All Windows versions have various formatting processes, but Windows 10 is a good place to start. Simply select Settings from the Start Menu. Find the recovery menu by going to Update & Security. Simply choose Reset this PC and then adhere to the on-screen directions. It can urge you to “quickly” or “thoroughly” delete data; we advise choosing the latter. thestyleplus

How to completely clean a Mac:

Actually, wiping a Mac is much simpler than you may think. However, before deleting, you might want to store all keychains, passwords, account keys, and other information on a flash drive. Additionally, it will record the passwords you’ve used for years to shop online and random WiFi networks. Hold Shift, Option, Command, and R down while your computer is starting up until the Apple logo appears to restart it. This key combination will restore the Mac’s default operating system.

The Best Method for Erasing Data Before Recycling a Computer

By using erasure procedures that have received international approval, data can be permanently deleted. The methods that can permanently wipe data from a hard drive are Overwriting, Block Erase, and Cryptographic Erase, according to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Therefore, the best way to wipe the data is to employ software that uses these erasure techniques. “BitRaser Drive Eraser” is an example of reliable software. Every piece of data on the computer hard disc is permanently deleted by the software, making it impossible to restore them. The use of internationally recognised data wiping standards by this data erasure software ensures 100% deletion.

BitRaser Drive Eraser’s Key Features

  • Erases every trace of the data on hard discs and other data storage devices, rendering them unrecoverable.
  • Can wipe data from several devices at once.
  • Creates a digitally signed certificate of erasure and data erasure report.
  • Supports 24 worldwide erasure standards, such as HMG, DoD 3 or 7 Passes, NIST 800-88, and others.
  • Enables you to centrally manage and keep an eye on data erasure tasks.
  • Enables the erasure of numerous remote computers or hard drives through a local area network (LAN).


Before you dispose of your computer, you must delete the hard disc to protect your important data. The data on the hard drive is not completely erased by simple deleting or formatting. The data still lives on the storage device but is rendered invisible to you when a drive is deleted or formatted. Data recovery software can be used to recover such data.

You can use a reliable data erasure tool, such as BitRaser Drive Eraser, to securely wipe your data. This software has the ability to safely delete data from any storage device such that it cannot be recovered. Additionally, it creates tamper-proof erasure certificates that can assist you in adhering to numerous local, national, and international data protection standards.

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