Reasons to Choose HealthTap

HealthTap is a telehealth platform that allows members to connect with qualified doctors and receive medical advice over the Internet. It combines an artificial intelligence system and a network of doctors to provide quality healthcare services.

Users can use the AI to assess their symptoms and get a list of potential causes and guidance before scheduling an appointment with a doctor. All of this information is securely saved in the HealthTap app.

1. Affordable

HealthTap offers an affordable way to receive telehealth services from qualified doctors. Members can ask questions or request a visit through the app, video call a doctor or text them with a medical question.

Using proprietary technology and HIPAA-compliant security, HealthTap matches patients with U.S.-based board-certified doctors for both Urgent Care and ongoing primary care in real time.

The service also includes an AI-driven symptom checker to help diagnose and treat common conditions, and the option to submit a question for a free response from a doctor.

HealthTap Prime subscribers pay only $15 per month and can get unlimited access to two doctors on their device. They can video chat, order lab tests and prescriptions, and schedule appointments 24/7.

2. Convenient

HealthTap is a convenient way to receive healthcare without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. It offers both Urgent Care as well as Primary Care to patients with or without insurance.

It also allows users to communicate with doctors via text or video, which makes it a great option for those who aren’t comfortable talking to medical professionals through the phone.

The service is free to use and it has an active community of doctors who are eager to help others. They’re available round the clock and can answer any question a patient has about their health.

Its AI-powered symptom checker provides explanations of potential causes and next steps for patients who aren’t sure whether to visit a doctor or not. The app also stores customer data and makes it easy to share consultation comments, test results, and medication information with multiple providers.

3. Personalized

If you’re looking for a reliable, convenient and personalized health service, then you should consider HealthTap. The app lets you connect to a network of licensed doctors for free, and you can get an immediate consultation or schedule one via video chat.

You can also search for medical information from a large library of doctor-answered questions. These answers are usually accurate and can help you make informed decisions.

In addition to providing a virtual doctor experience, HealthTap offers personalized tips and daily health advice. You can save your complete medical profile, including lab results, medications and consultation notes, within the app, and you can share them with multiple providers.

You can pay a flat consultation fee or subscribe to the Prime plan, which includes unlimited visits at a discounted rate. You can also use HealthTap to ask questions and receive responses within 24 hours.

4. Accessible

A growing number of people around the world are seeking medical advice online. But finding trustworthy information can be a challenge.

HealthTap is changing that by providing access to doctors who can answer your questions anytime, anywhere. Their database of over 10,000 physicians is made up of licensed and approved doctors who are willing to answer your health questions for free.

It’s a great tool for people who aren’t familiar with medical terminology or can’t afford to visit a doctor. Using the HealthTap app, you can submit your question for free and receive an answer within 24 hours.

A key feature of the app is its augmented intelligence system. It triages users to the right level of care based on their symptoms and context.

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