Why Leos Are Known To Be Fierce Lions

Leos are the divas of the zodiac, and they’re not afraid to let everyone know. Psychic readings for Leo reveal supreme self-confidence, a generous spirit and a tendency to take the lead. This sign is the epitome of “fierce,” which has its pros and cons. What makes Leo the outgoing, show stopping astrological sign? It’s written in the stars.

Born To Lead

Leos stand out from the crowd and are happy to be the center of attention. They tend to steal the spotlight, though they don’t mean to be malicious. They just thrive when they have an audience.

While other signs may have these characteristics to some degree, Leos take it to the next level. They can’t help it — they have two factors pushing them to outshine others: the fire element and The Lion constellation.

Fire Signs Burn Bright

Fire signs are passionate in everything they do, and nothing can dim their inner light. They possess characteristics that let them take on challenges that intimate others:

  • Daring
  • Boldness
  • Creativity

Their natural warmth draws people, and hangers-on may enjoy basking in the glow. These qualities mean Leos and other fire signs naturally fall into leadership roles, and their love of attention keeps them there.

Lions Are the King of the Jungle

Leo the Lion is one of the twelve zodiac constellations named for Greek myths. Lions are a common Western symbol for royalty; as a result, many people associate Leo with leadership. While this interpretation isn’t wrong, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

The true name of the mythological creature is the Nemean Lion. It stole innocent women and used them as bait to attract heroes, which it then ate. Hercules eventually killed the Nemean Lion as commanded by the gods.

What does this mean? Leos should take it as a cautionary tale — while they may have leadership qualities, it’s what they do with those qualities that truly counts.

Remember To Set Boundaries

You’ll probably hear a lot about boundaries when you get a Leo love horoscope. Boundaries are essential in every relationship, as they ensure each party feels respected. Unfortunately, the Lion tends to struggle with them.

Leos may push boundaries even when their partners state them clearly and often. This behavior comes from a place of love, as those born under this sign may feel they’re doing what’s best for their significant others. However, it comes off as arrogant to their partners, who may feel like the Leo walks all over them and doesn’t listen. For the relationship’s health, this fire sign must respect boundaries.

Those born under the Lion also need to set their own boundaries. Lovestruck Leos may idolize their partners and not recognize when they need to stand up for themselves. If you don’t feel comfortable with something your partner asks you to do, it’s healthy to say no.

Learning about your or your partner’s astrological sign can help you build a stronger relationship. The most accurate psychics can assist by providing readings tailored to Leos. With this information, those born under the Lion can pursue their goals with pride.

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